Professional angler Whitey Outlaw

VIDEO – How to catch crappie in thick grass beds

For many anglers, fishing for crappie is an open water game. And whether they look for deep holes or shallow water with sunken brushpiles or stumps, you’ll find many anglers watching their electronics closely for any sign of fish or submerged debris that could be hiding the fish. It’s a great way to put crappie in the boat, but it’s not the only way. […]


Exotic ‘yak trips

Catching fish in a kayak never gets old. However, there is always that quest for bigger and different species. Nothing provides that opportunity better than a trip to an exotic location. […]

Fishing Tournaments

Sumrall earns coveted 2018 Bassmaster Classic berth

New Iberia’s Caleb Sumrall has been on a fishing roll, culminating in this weekend’s victory at the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship on South Carolina’s Lake Hartwell — a win that earned him a berth in the 2018 Bassmaster Classic and an invitation to join the 2018 Elite Series. […]


VIDEO: Why PFDs and kill switches are important

We all know we’re supposed to use them. It’s just Boating Safety 101. Yet we all too often get in a hurry or become complacent, and leave the life jackets in the locker or sitting on the seat as we zip from one fishing hole the next. And too many anglers don’t even think about kill switches. […]

Hog Hunting

So you want to be a hog killer?

Do you hate the hogs that are tearing up your hunting property and making deer hunts more difficult? Do you feel a sense of accomplishment when you take a few hogs out of the population?

Well, after you watch the attached video, you might feel like you don’t know anything about how to hunt hogs.