Varmint hunting (Deep South style)

I don’t know why we were never arrested.

Growing up in the Deep South years ago, if you liked to shoot, you had lots of opportunities. It was a more rural culture then, the city dwellers frequently being the first generation off the farm. Which meant the grandparents had property, and you could shoot then without worrying about nosy, complaining neighbors. […]


We’ve come a long way

As the title of this article suggests, when it comes to scouting camera technology and use, we have come a long way in a relatively short span of time. Scouting cameras of one form or another have been around for more than two decades, but the most-recent transformations of this tool have been nothing short of remarkable. […]


College kayaking clubs

Many college students dream of playing hooky to get out on the water for a day of fishing. (I hear some actually do it.) So how great would it be if there was an organization that promoted college fishing clubs and set up a system to allow friendly competition with the chance to win some great prizes? […]

Inshore Fishing


Down on the coast, it’s prime time for marsh trout, whether they be speckled or not. Trout of the spotted variety will take a weighted clouser or shrimp pattern set 30 inches below a VOSI over reefs and in cuts, canals and bayous. Fish the fly off the bottom, and the result could vary from white trout to redfish to drum. […]