Soybeans proved to be the buck meal ticket

If there has been any one magic ingredient that has attracted more deer to my small property in Washington Parish, it has been the implementation of a summer food plot program.

And the top of the list of plants that have made a difference for us has been soybeans.

Does ravaged iron-clay peas any time I put them out, but it wasn’t until my local feed store was out of clay peas did I give soybeans a try.

The proof was in the pictures.

Rather than a few does nibbling on the leaves, I had pictures of three, four and five mature bucks browsing the young soybeans.

Yes, all the pictures were the middle of the night, but it was the first time we had any pictures of multiple mature bucks hanging out on the place.

Since then, I have regularly planted soybeans during the summer.

Deer don’t let them grow very long before devouring them, so I just keep disking and planting to keep them happy.

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