Inshore Fishing

Trout move into West Bay diversion

The cut in the west bank of the Mississippi River known as the West Bay Freshwater Diversion was packed with boats when we passed it Sunday morning, so it wasn’t a surprise that even on a Tuesday there would be several boats already anchored up with Jason Hall eased off the throttle and eased his bay boat into the slot.[…]

Inshore Fishing

Redfish in the roseaus

As angler Hal Schramm surveyed the roseau cane blowing gently in the breeze along the outer edges of Blind Bay Monday morning, he started fishing – but not just for bull reds lurking near the banks.[…]


Varmint hunting (Deep South style)

I don’t know why we were never arrested.

Growing up in the Deep South years ago, if you liked to shoot, you had lots of opportunities. It was a more rural culture then, the city dwellers frequently being the first generation off the farm. Which meant the grandparents had property, and you could shoot then without worrying about nosy, complaining neighbors.[…]

Inshore Fishing

Bull reds swarming Southwest Pass

A run yesterday across a sloppy Gulf of Mexico from Tiger Pass to Southwest Pass was rewarded with beautiful, clear water. Eddie Permenter, Glenn Young and I — who were in Venice for the annual Marsh Madness media trip — quickly had lines in the water with expectations of quick bites.[…]