Deer Hunting

Moreland’s Desirable Dozen

As previously mentioned, deer eat a large variety of plant species but there are a few that deer really prefer in the state’s forest. The following is a list of 12 woody species that I believe the deer manager should key on in the management program. […]

Inshore Fishing

Best equipment

Both fly rods and spinning rigs are suitable for fishing out of a kayak. I used a Shimano Spirex SR-2500RE spinning reel with 8-pound Stren monofilament on a 7-foot Cabela’s Classic rod in medium action. […]


Going coastal: Up your odds of deer-hunting in the marshes

The suspicious speck of white flickered some 200 yards away, resembling what might have been simply a bird flying or the cotton-like puff from the head of a cattail bursting its contents in the wind.

But, when hunting deer in the marsh, nothing is left to chance — where coastal deer are concerned, more often than not it’s simply “now you see em, now you don’t.”

The suspicious white-colored flicker needed to be thoroughly checked out, and not simply become a passing thought that would leave me wondering on the boat ride to the landing.

Picking up my binoculars, I studied the white speck. It was still moving and, low and behold, the white turned out to be a deer’s ear. […]