Kajun Custom Kayaking Company

The Kajun Custom Kayaking Company was formed by friends Corey Coghlan, Andrew Chidlow and Dan Garrett. The trio attended LSU together, and afterwards spent about a year developing the K12 kayak.

The boat is 12 feet long, 34 inches wide and weighs just 60 pounds, but it has a carrying capacity of 450 pounds.

The Kajun Kayak’s triple-hull design makes it more stable than some other boats, and scuple holes in the bottom allow water to drain out. When I first saw the holes, I was expecting a wet day on the water, but that was not the case; the scupper holes work very well in draining out water, and you can push a Cajun anchor through them into the mud to hold the boat in place.

While in the marsh, I asked Chidlow what advantage a kayak offers the fisherman.

“Just to get to places like this where no one else can fish,” he said. “The K12 only needs 2 inches of water to float, and its tri-hull style makes it very stable — enough so that you can stand up in it easily. You get a lot of visibility for sight-fishing by standing on the seat. For every 6 inches of height, you get 10 feet of farther vision.

“So by standing on the seat I can see a whole lot farther than sitting or just standing in the boat.”

For more information on the Kajun Custom Kayaking Company check out their Web site at www.kckayaks.com.

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