Choosing the right hunting outfitter

The anticipation and planning for a fall hunting trip can be as much fun as the actual adventure. But sometimes that eager anticipation is the only good thing about the whole experience — especially when the hunt goes bad. […]


Another look at CWD feeding ban

Unless you have been holed up in a cave with no way of communicating for the past three or four months, you are well aware that a buck discovered on Jan. 25 in Issaquena County, Miss. tested positive for chronic wasting disease. […]

Fishing Hotspots

Trout fishing looking up in Lafitte

Capt. Sean Thornton (504-388-4535) said it’s seemed like the speckled trout had the air let out of their tires because they were a no-show after this winter’s big freeze, but May should have prime speck action back on track. […]


New gear review

While a lot of the current splash surrounds pedal-drive kayaks, Jackson’s new Liska model is making waves for those that prefer traditional paddle ‘yaks. Born from the wildly popular Cuda series, the Liska offers many features and upgrades that make it perfect for kayak anglers looking to ply inshore waterways and even nearshore saltwater adventures. […]

Bass Fishing

Dazzle ‘em with the Damiki rig

Bass anglers know that few scenarios rival the hair-pulling frustration of suspended fish. Maybe it’s largemouth fleeing heavy fishing pressure on their offshore humps and contour breaks; or perhaps we’re talking about Toledo Bend’s spotted bass suspending in open water because they enjoy being difficult. […]


‘Yak tournament tactics

Kayak tournament season is in high gear ,with tournaments being held across the state that cover a wide variety of formats and species. We caught up with some winners to get a few tips on their strategies for success. […]

Inshore Fishing

The ol’ croaker hole

Catching a bunch of croakers and frying them up whole is a childhood memory many locals still cherish. Today, it’s pretty much gone because trout and redfish get all the attention. […]


More popping cork pointers

A good topwater bite can offer an entertaining display of ferocity, but at some point the fish shy away from this game. Maybe it’s the intensifying sunlight/heat, fishing pressure or a combination of such factors; but whatever the case, Capt. Ross Montet knows that the fish haven’t necessarily stopped feeding. In his view, you simply need to descend into the water column — and popping corks offer the perfect transitional tool. […]


A fisheries football

Red snapper management has been a fisheries football kicked back and forth between federal and state managers, snapper fishermen and environmental groups since 1990, when the first serious regulations were imposed on recreational fishermen. […]


Keep it legal

Inshore fishermen making their first foray offshore for shallow water red snappers should be aware that simple Basic and Saltwater Recreational Fishing Licenses are not enough to bring red snapper back to the dock. […]