Hunting and trapping feral hogs

Whether we call them nuisance animals or outlaw quadrupeds, the laws addressing the take of those less-than-desirable species are more liberal than ever before. That’s a good thing made necessary by the ever-increasing number of feral hogs. Before we get down in the weeds on how to eliminate unwanted feral hogs, let’s take a look at the current regulations.  […]


Search salvinia for springtime crappie

Spring crappie techniques are generally pretty standard — single-poling, jigging trees, spider-rigging and the like. But sometimes you can meld crappie methods with a bit of a bass approach and pick up a mess of crappie faster than you imagined. […]


Demo, demo, demo

Spring is coming this month, and kayak anglers welcome the warm weather and hot fishing action. Kayak fishing continues to grow in popularity, and it’s a great time to be in the market for your first kayak — or to upgrade from an entry-level model. […]



This month, redfish enthusiasts welcome the return of thick grass in coastal ponds. The grass not only attracts small crabs and baitfish, it also maintains clarity. And that means great sight-casting opportunities. […]


Shot placement

“The target area you’re aiming for is about the size of a grape fruit,” Lafleur said. For that reason, shot placement is everything. A heart and lung shot is ideal, but one that disables the bird due with an arrow in the body so that it can’t fly away is also lethal. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Having spent a lifetime eating my way across the watery landscape of Louisiana, I’ve eaten a lot of fish that were delectable, a few fish that were really close to inedible and quite a few fish that were good if you knew what you were doing in the kitchen — and bad if you didn’t. […]


How to make a pre-rig

Making pre-rigs is Tommy Pellegrin’s answer to the nettlesome task of trying to put together a new rig in the middle of a hot bite. Every moment spent fiddling with lines, corks, sinkers, and hooks increases the chances of speckled trout losing interest in the area and moving off to hunt elsewhere. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Rigging crawfish the Kelley way

Mike Kelley doesn’t like to dip for “ditch crawfish” as do many fishermen who use mudbugs for bait. “They are on the small side and you can’t get them early in the season,” he explained. […]


Kayak tourney news

Fishing a kayak tournament is a great way to meet new kayak-fishing friends and hone your fishing skills. A wide variety of formats are available across the state, and the friendly competition offers a chance to win some great prizes and bragging rights.  […]

Bass Fishing

Search mode

During that transitional time when fish are moving up, the last thing you want to do is go racing into shallow water ready to pitch beds. Fine if you’ve already found a few beds and know just where to go; but what if there are more new beds on your way in? […]