Waypoints for Big Lake

The Calcasieu Lake area is located almost entirely in Cameron Parish south of Lake Charles. It is part of the estuary of the Calcasieu River, and is just north of the Gulf of Mexico. It is more commonly referred to as Big Lake.

This area is known for trophy-sized speckled trout. It has many oyster reefs, mainly in the larger parts of the lake. Along with the specks are white trout, reds, flounders, croakers, sheepshead, black drum and catfish. Some area residents even reported that sharks are found in various parts of the lake.

As a help in fishing the area, I have compiled fishing waypoint positions throughout the area. Captain Paul’s Fishing Edge of GPS waypoints of Calcasieu Lake has more than 135 locations — and it is one of 21 different Edge Fishing Areas offered.

The Edge offers anglers a way to quickly locate some prime fishing locations in and around the lake. There are also many positions that are just of north of Big Lake for fishing.

One of those, waypoint CAL 97 in Moss Lake, at 30°07.6386’ N. Lat ~ 93°20.4277’ W. Long, offers very good speckled trout fishing in the late fall.

It also has many positions that are around or in Turner’s Bay, such as CAL 31 at 30°03.7339’ N. Lat ~93°18.8393’ W. Long., which advises to fish the structures along the shoreline.

Waypoint CAL114A, indicates a position at 30°03.2375’ N. Lat ~93°186356’ West Long. in Mud Lake, which is just north of Big Lake, and suggests that anglers fish the oyster reef from the small island to the three tanks: Large fish are by the island, more fish by the tanks.” There are 12 more locations in that general area.

Many anglers fish the shallows on the west side of the lake over the oyster reefs such as waypoint CAL04 at 29°57.4396’ N. Lat. ~ 93°19.4550’ W. Long. The waypoint advises: “Fish the Oyster Reefs: Caution shallow water.”

One of old pilings in the lake is indicated as waypoint CAL34 at 30°09.9237’N. Lat ~ 93°18.0273’ W. Long. It is generally a draw for smaller fish which draw the monsters.

The Edge file also has the new Artificial Reefs in the southwest part of the lake, one of which is CAL117 REEF, which is located at 29°51.0320’ N. Lat ~ 93°16.9740’ W. Long.

The file also has locations along the Calcasieu Ship Channel where canals and natural cuts link the waterway and the lake and the jetties of the channel at the Gulf of Mexico. These listed locations are only some of the more than 135 Edge locations.

Get the fishing edge advantage

As you know, GPS data such as waypoints can now be electronically installed in most GPS units. Each Edge file has an electronic data file that can be downloaded in to a variety of GPS brand units. All of the EDGE programs are sent as an attachment via your email address. This data download enters all of Captain Paul’s Waypoints into the unit in a matter of seconds. To help those of us who are not computer savvy, each download has a general map of the area in 1:100,000 scale, and individual information on each waypoint. These map images cannot be installed in the GPS unit, but offers a location of the waypoints and their descriptions, as well as a READ ME and INSTRUCTIONS file.

Presently, Captain Paul’s Fishing Edge is available for 21 different areas, including Barataria Bay, Lake Borgne, Hopedale to Bayou Terre Boeufs, Delacroix to Point a la Hache, Bayou Bienvenue, Port Sulphur, Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Borgne, Calcasieu Lake, Pearl River WMA, Lafitte, Leeville East and Leeville West, Vermillion Bay, Empire-Buras, the Rigolets, MRGO, Cocodrie/Dulac, Bayou Sauvage NWR, Big Branch NWR, Myrtle Grove and Hopedale to the Mississippi Sound.

I always suggest that you have a reliable compass and a map of the area whenever you venture in the outdoors.

All of Captain Paul’s Fishing Edge files may be found in the Louisiana Sportsman Store located at www.sportsmangear.com. Search for Fishing Edge and all of the Edge files should appear. Remember that you must state your brand of GPS unit, your email address and the selected area. The Edge files are NOT brand name interchangeable, so be sure to make the correct GPS selection.

Also, please show respect to other anglers around you and do not trespass. All positions are determined using WGS datum and are stated as Degrees, Minutes and ten thousandths of a minute (DDD, MM.mmmm).

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