Greg Hackney goes Bow Fishing for Redfish

This week’s episode of Sportsman TV might have you wanting to trade in your rod and reel for a bow and arrow. Host Greg Hackney along with Capt. Marty Lacoste and Bubba Watkins from GatorTail got on board with Capt. Terry Brown of Scales and Tails bow fishing for a night of intense arrow slinging action in Dularge, Louisiana.[…]

Bass Fishing

Marsh Man Masson vid: Hot jerkbait bite during bass tourney prep

The next best thing to figuring out a hot bass pattern while competing in a tournament is dialing in while pre-fishing. During a recent warm spell, I set out on the river near my house to see if I could find some lunkers in preparation for a weekend competition, and although I got distracted by a ledge holding little bass, I eventually figured out where the bigger fish were and what they wanted to eat.[…]


Hunting and trapping feral hogs

Whether we call them nuisance animals or outlaw quadrupeds, the laws addressing the take of those less-than-desirable species are more liberal than ever before. That’s a good thing made necessary by the ever-increasing number of feral hogs. […]