Greg Hackney goes Bow Fishing for Redfish

Season 6, Episode 5

This week’s episode of Sportsman TV might have you wanting to trade in your rod and reel for a bow and arrow. Host Greg Hackney along with Capt. Marty Lacoste and Bubba Watkins from GatorTail got on board with Capt. Terry Brown of Scales and Tails bow fishing for a night of intense arrow slinging action in Dularge, Louisiana.

Capt. Terry is a seasoned bow fishing guide and he puts his skills on display in this episode. Luckily, the crew was up to task on the shooting side of things and a limit of redfish was in the boat before sunrise.

In the show Hackney takes plenty of time to pitch bow fishing as a fun and challenging sport. Viewers will get to see plenty of arrows fly- some miss and some hit their targets. Plenty of jokes are told by Hackney as bow fishing is a very active a fun group activity.

The key to success for the show was the lower than average water levels on the night it was filmed. This helped to concentrate the fish in places that held enough water. Capt. Terry takes the time in this episode to explain what conditions and patterns you should be looking for when bow fishing on your own.

Terry’s GatorTail boat proved to be a co-star of the show as it pushed through shallow ponds while the crew searched for redfish. Often times fishing in 6 inches of water, the crew had their best success in these shallow places. Tune in this week to see what blow fishing is all about when Sportsman TV gets on board.

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