How to Catch Trout in Shallow Water

Season 6, Episode 4

Trout fishing is a lot like real estate as it can often be all about location. Being in the right place at the right time can help you cash in on hungry schools of trout and a full box. Luckily, Sportsman TV hooked up with Capt. Travis Miller to show them around Dularge to check out the prime trout territories. Like a seasoned agent, Travis delivered and made sure Sportsman TV host Greg Hackney got the best deal on speckled trout.

For his third appearance on Sportsman TV Miller began the morning by targeting trout in a large lake in Dularge. The trout were schooled up under a flock of birds feeding on shrimp. In the episode Travis breaks down what to expect when fishing flocks of birds and how to target that scenario. After reeling in a mix of throwbacks and keepers, Miller took Hackney to another area to look for larger trout.

The area they found next produced and average of 14-16 inch trout. Miller focused on a large flat with 2 feet of water. He chose this area because of the shallow water. A cold front had pushed through days before and the trout were using the flat to warm up in mid-morning hours.

In the show, Miller details how to find similar flats and when to fish them. He also shows viewers what tackle to use to fish the conditions they experienced that day. Along with useful information, the duo of Hackney and Miller take plenty time to cut up and have a good time. The show proved to be a very informative and entertaining episode for trout fishermen.

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