Bass Fishing

Pro-Grade Frog Tips

You’d almost think this thing was a CIA operative, what with all the different identities, abilities and serious armament. At the risk of stretching a not-so-subtle Jason Bourne reference too far, let’s just say that the topwater frog is one deadly asset for just about anytime but the depths of winter and whenever fish hug deep structure. […]


Massey Ferguson 5700 Series

Introducing the Massey Ferguson 5700 Serie s-; A mid-range tractor with high-end written all over it. When it comes to mid-range tractors, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another brand with more years of experience, working in more crops and conditions, in more places around the world, than Massey Ferguson. […]


Read the weather for summertime specks

Fishing isn’t exactly cheap. Sure, golf might be an expensive hobby, but angling can be one of the most wallet-emptying pastimes a man can take up. From the initial investment of your boat, to gas, to jigheads and everything in between, it can get pricey in a hurry […]


Si-Tex NavStar

The new NavStar Series is the first Si-Tex MFD (multi-function display) to offer the versatility of hybrid touch-screen operation, allowing navigators to access all of the unit’s advanced features via simple touch screen or traditional controls. NavStar’s versatility is further enhanced by its built-in Bluetooth connectivity and wireless LAN, providing fast Internet connection, automatic chart and software updating. […]



The Drop-Let is reported to keep your bait in the strike zone longer by maintaining a constant depth throughout the length of the retrieve. It also lets you keep the bait stationary or jig vertically over a likely target. […]


Napier Truck Tent

You know you’ve slept in the bed of your truck before. Was it the most comfortable night of sleep ever? Of course not. But more than likely, it was necessary. Make the next experience a more comfortable one, and memorable for the right reasons. […]