Time to go sling some lead!

I readily admit to being a rifle nut. Handguns are great and a career in law enforcement provides one with a great deal of training and experience with them. But rifles are my favorite and as a hunter and shooting enthusiast, I have always found them more interesting and useful. […]


More jawbone talk

In recent installments of Happy Trails we have kicked around various aspects of both the science and art of aging whitetails on and off “the hoof.” Most deer hunters want to become as proficient as possible at estimating deer age BEFORE pulling the trigger, but it is equally important to either confirm or revise your eyeball estimate after the kill. […]

Inshore Fishing

Make a drop shot rig

Drop shot rigs came to the United States by way of Japanese anglers who settled on the West Coast. They employed the technique with great success in the clear, deep bass reservoirs of California and was other anglers caught on to the tactic, it spread faster than a Western wildfire, pun intended. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Tip of the day

Mike and Freddie McMullen were making impressively long casts most of the day with minimum weight on the ends of their lines. I finally caught on to what they were doing. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Brothers in arms

Mike “Road Kill” McMullen, 52, and his brother Freddie, 54, grew up in Treasure Island, essentially an island formed by Bayou DeSiard (pronounced DE zeerd) and Black Bayou, on the northern outskirts of Monroe, Louisiana. […]

Bass Fishing

Chunk and wind only?

Generally speaking, a buzzbait is a “chunk and wind” lure. You throw it out and reel it in just fast enough to keep it on the surface. Taylor has also had success in retrieving the lure in a jerking motion. If the fish are a bit sluggish, that sometimes triggers a strike better than a straight retrieve. […]

Freshwater Fishing

The Thunder Cork

Freddie McMullen’s fertile mind has spawned a rattling cork specially designed for bream and crappie fishing. Dubbed the “Thunder Cork,” it features tiny BBs in two glass tubes firmly affixed to opposite sides of the cork. […]

Bass Fishing

Big bass in June?

No question about it, largemouth bass are bigger in the springtime, especially the females which are chocked full of eggs before the spawn. But big bass bite in the summer, too. And they are no lightweights. […]

Bass Fishing

Slow up for the blow up

Frog fishing, like all topwater tactics, rewards diligent casting with that pulse-pounding surface assault. Whether it’s a walking frog or a popper, we watch that steady motion like a birddog on point, hoping with clinched jaw and held breath that the next movement of that plastic nose will detonate the explosive charge. […]