Smart battery charging 101

Fishermen learn the easy way or the hard way that how long a trolling motor battery lasts depends on how competently they charge it. I’d go so far as to say that proper charging can be more important than how well the battery is built and how much you paid for it. […]

Offshore Fishing

Reds of the rigs

Capt. David Iverson typically runs out of Red Pass and targets West Delta rigs in 40 to 50 feet for bull reds. However, when he’s up for a challenge and the weather permits, he’ll take South Pass out his favorite East Delta rigs, where close proximity to the Continental Shelf puts 300-foot water well within the reach of his bay boat. […]

Inshore Fishing


With summer comes a change in sight-casting strategy. As the long, hot days heat the shallow ponds, bigger reds will move to the edges of lakes and bays. […]