Smart battery charging 101

Fishermen learn the easy way or the hard way that how long a trolling motor battery lasts depends on how competently they charge it. I’d go so far as to say that proper charging can be more important than how well the battery is built and how much you paid for it.


Inshore Fishing

’Yaking to parts unknown

Although likely to be seen near any popular fishing spot in Louisiana, there are still times when kayakers get even stranger looks.

It’s that look of bewilderment when a powerboat fisherman comes across a kayak fisherman many miles from the nearest launch site. How did they get there?


Freshwater Fishing

Go goujon fishing heavily armed

Johnny Broussard’s fishing gear is not finesse tackle. Both goujon and blue catfish grow large, and much of Broussard’s fishing is next to the dense wood of submerged tree stumps and snags that are the lairs of these big fish.