Bass Fishing

Work that Wiggle

About the only way to make a soft-body swimbait more user-friendly would be teaching it to tie its own knot. Short of that, just sling one out, wind it back and note how this hunk of molded plastic excels at doing the work for you. […]


Mullets are mobile munchies

Among the most common as well as most poorly regarded fish species in Louisiana coastal waters are mullets. The term is used in plural because at least three and possibly four of the six Atlantic mullet species can be found in the state. […]


Burn Hack!

Kids need action to stay interested.

Put them in a baseball position where they don’t get many balls hit to them, and they’ll start chasing grasshoppers. […]


High On The Hogs

The concept of fair chase is a hallmark tenet of hunters around the globe. Basically, it means that hunters give the game they target a fair and fighting chance to outwit the hunter and leave him hungry for another chess match in the field. […]