PlotWatcher Pro

Like the original PlotWatcher, the new PlotWatcher Pro uses time-lapse video technology to record high-definition images, taking a picture every 5 or 10 seconds, and saving these individual pictures as an HD video. […]


Kowa Genesis Series

Bowhunters will love the Genesis Series/XD 44 and Genesis Series/XD 33 binoculars from Kowa. Utilizing four XD lenses, their advanced technology creates a brighter image with high contrast and remarkable color reproduction. […]


The Spillway Effect

Unless you are strictly a freshwater angler, the opening of the Bonnet Carre’ Spillway has definitely altered your fishing plans for the summer. On May 9, the Corps of Engineers began opening the bays of the spillway to divert some of the rising river water into Lake Pontchartrain, and from there into the Gulf. […]