Bayou catfishing

Catfish are available in almost all freshwater areas of the state. Regularly caught in lakes, bayous and rivers, these fish provide great food and sport. However, they also provide an opportunity for kayak anglers to catch some true giants. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Catch more catfish with this one tip

It’s not uncommon, especially during colder months, for catfish to hit baits without taking the hook in their mouths. These short strikes can be frustrating for anglers and often result in a long day of catching nothing. Capt. David Hilton had a few of those days in his years of fishing, but he found the solution for it some time ago. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Enjoy Morgan City catfish haul

As fickle as the Atchafalaya River stage has been most springs and summers in the 2000s — well, and much of the time before that — it’s a challenge for an avid Morgan City outdoorsman to predict what the best fishing might be in June. […]