Reader Report: Gummy worms for catfish?

Tee Cooper’s creative baiting helped him nab is big catfish.
Tee Cooper’s creative baiting helped him nab his big catfish.

Fishing is always fun when it is a family affair. Our grandson, Tee Cooper, is 6 years old and we recently went on a fishing trip that is just too funny not to share.

We went fishing at the river to tight line on Friday. We had a couple of boxes of worms that we had leftover that we used while on vacation. We thought those would be enough for the day. We caught some nice catfish and most were just right to fry whole.

Well, before dark we ran out of bait. If you ever take Tee Cooper fishing, you have to stay until dark and then he is still begging to fish with the lights on!

Anyway, Jerry decided he would use a piece of ham. I opened the ice chest and saw candy that we had left from our trip. There was a bag of gummy worms in there. I told Jerry I was going to try a gummy worm. We all just laughed.

Ham or gummies?

Jerry didn’t catch anything on ham and I caught a small one on a gummy worm. Jerry and Tee changed to a gummy worms. Jerry caught one and then Tee hooked a big yellow cat. Man, was the fight on, with him trying to get that big thing in the boat. Jerry was helping him hold his rod and they were yelling for me to get the dip net. It was wild!!!

We laughed and laughed when we read the name of the gummy worms, “Sour Neon Night Crawlers.” The big catfish weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces. The biggest surprise is when we cleaned him we saw something strange in his stomach pouch. It was a small squirrel. Yep the weirdest thing I ever saw!

 Who needs regular worms when you have sour neon night crawlers?
Who needs regular worms when you have sour neon night crawlers?

That’s one for the record books!!

Tee is the son of Malcolm and Victoria Cooper of Aimwell. He was fishing with me and my husband, Jerry, his maternal grandparents.

– Ilene Ewing Guinn

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