High noon at Crackerhead

“There’s a good one,” he said, glancing over his right shoulder. “And there’s a good one,” he said, throwing an eye over his left shoulder. “That’s a good one, too,” he nodded at another one. […]


Try crawfish for Lake D’Arbonne bream

Bluegill and chinquapin bream are just getting going on Lake D’Arbonne in Union Parish. And while there are many ways to catch them, you need to stand out in the crowd to make the most of it — and that doesn’t mean wearing a bright yellow shirt or singing country songs loudly in the boat. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Don’t knock the stumpknocker

Louisiana has a bunch of bream (if you are one who doesn’t consider “bream” to mean only bluegill) species. Most people can identify bluegills, goggle-eyes, and chinquapins, but the rest of them are often just lumped together with a shrug. […]

Freshwater Fishing

How to get the drop on De Loutre Basin bream

Combine a collegiate science-based teaching career with a lifelong love of bream fishing and the natural outcome is you end up with the nickname, “Dr. Bream.” This time of year, “Dr. Bream” has a good prescription for you — chase bluegills on some Ouachita River lakes like the De Loutre Basin and Hamilton Lake. […]


Some bream are bad eggs

Hybridization, the result of cross-breeding between two species, is rare in nature. Humans can manipulate the mating of animals to produce hybrids, but Mother Nature doesn’t like that kind of fooling around. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Black Bayou Lake

The fishing report on Black Bayou Lake north of Monroe was simple just two months ago: No Fishing. The 2,000 acre lake was closed due to catastrophic flooding in the entire region. But as water levels drop and fishing at the lake becomes more normal, it’s just in time for one of the lake’s premier bites — big bream. […]