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Marsh Man Masson vid: Short run to big snapper, and a surprise fish!

For me, the peak of summer comes near the end of its second month, during the annual Faux Pas Lodge Invitational Fishing Rodeo, headquartered at Venice, near the mouth of the Mississippi River. It’s an event that attracts some of the best anglers in the region, who compete to catch the largest speckled trout, tuna, wahoo and more, but I’ve never actually entered the rodeo.[…]


Game warden column: Try trapping hogs

We’ve talked about hunting feral hogs to thin the herd. I don’t know about you, but I’m not much on summer hunting. The sweat tends to rust my rifle. So when the thermometer reaches into the 90s, I think it’s time to trap hogs. Summer is a good time for hog trapping for a few other reasons, as well. […]

Fishing Hotspots

Three keys for Shell Beach specks

Capt. Johnny Nunez, AKA the Fishing Magician (504-239-3159), was born and raised in Shell Beach and has spent his life pulling fish of every kind from the surrounding waters. When Nunez speaks, fishermen listen — and he told me the keys to speckled trout success this month are rocks, reefs and rigs.[…]