Marsh Man Masson vid: What’s biting on the rocks? Apparently everything

Five species bite artificial baits during trip

Daily west winds mean the outer bays are rough and muddy and the interior marshes are lower than the average politician’s ethical standards. So South Louisiana anglers could do a whole lot worse right now than finding stretches of protected rocks and catching whatever will bite.

That’s what my longtime buddy Andy Crawford and I did last week, overcoming some terrible conditions to put a variety of fish in the boat. Winds were brisk out of the northwest, and early on, the trip was threatened by an approaching thunderstorm that raced between where we were fishing and the boat launch, bearing down on us as it cut off our escape route.

Despite so many factors working against us, we still caught five species of fish, four of which make excellent table fare. Hot lures for the day included junebug red-colored Zoom Speed Worms and fire tiger-colored Cotton Cordell crankbaits.

The action certainly wasn’t non-stop, but given the current conditions, it’s about the best any angler could hope for. We certainly weren’t complaining.

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