Keep ’em honest

One of the allures of kayak fishing is that the boats are lightweight and easy to transport. However, that also makes them susceptible to theft. […]

Inshore Fishing

Lacombe is about more than speckled trout

Shannon Griffin is quick to admit that some very good speckled trout fishing can be found in Bayou Lacombe and Lake Pontchartrain near the bayou, but she will be the first to tell you Lake Road leads to a lot more outdoors opportunities. […]

Bass Fishing

Top big-bass gear

Sontus Mitchell has a big 20-foot Triton fiberglass bass rig with plenty of storage compartments. Good thing: He’s armed like a big-bass SWAT team member, with bags of fishing tricks stowed here and there in every corner of the rig. […]

Inshore Fishing


April is one of the best fly fishing months of the year, offering great freshwater and excellent marsh action. […]