April is one of the best fly fishing months of the year, offering great freshwater and excellent marsh action.

In freshwater, it’s bream time. The gobbules will be on the beds. In shallow water, try popping bugs or slow-sinking spiders. In deeper water, a jitterbee, tussel bug or cap spider suspended 3 to 4 feet under a strike indicator will work. Cast and twitch the float an inch or 2, and then pause. Most strikes come after the pause.

Before fronts, bass will be eating Crease Flies, Boogle Bugs, and Dahlberg Divers near the surface. After a front, switch to subsurface patterns such as Daniel’s Kray Phish, Bass Bullies or the Y2K Bugger.

On the coast, ponds will be inundated with small crabs and shrimp. Crab patterns are almost a sure thing. Old favorites such as small poppers, bendbacks, and spoon flies are also good. Or toss one of the newer favorites such as the Gulf Toad, Redfish Ritalin or Redfish Crack.

For Louisiana trout enthusiasts, April is caddis time on the Little Missouri River in Southwest Arkansas. An elk hair caddis fly or caddis emerger will have to compete against swarms of the natural bugs, but there’s enough fish in the river to help your odds.

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Glen ‘Catch’ Cormier has pursued fish on the fly for 30 years. A certified casting instructor and renowned fly tier, he and his family live in Baton Rouge.