Best live-bait tuna rigs

Will Wall builds his tuna live-bait rigs around bent-butt rods constructed on 60-80 blanks by JPR Custom Rods of Morton, Penn.

Mounted on the rods are either Talica 50 or Tiagra 30 Shimano lever drag reels.

Each reel is spooled with 80-pound-test Momoi braided line with a 70-yard segment of 80-pound Momoi monofilament topshot over the braid.

This is followed by 10 yards of 60-pound Momoi Diamond fluorocarbon tied to the monofilament with a double uni knot.

Monofilament is used between the braid and the fluorocarbon leader to add some stretching capacity to the line.

The rig is finished with an 8/0 Eagle Claw circle hook snelled to the leader.

Live pogies are hooked either between the eyes and the tips of the noses or through the backs.

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