Try this popping cork in windy conditions

While many anglers like light, subtle presentations in all aspects of their fishing, throwing unweighted popping corks in a windy month like April just isn’t going to cut it.

Chunk one of those into the teeth of a 20-mph wind, and you’ll most likely have to turn your body 180 degrees to fish behind you.

Capt. Travis Miller has found a cork that has made a big difference and helps him put more fish in the boat.

It’s called the Texas Swing Midcoast Products popping cork.

“That’s my favorite cork because they feature a ½-ounce bullet weight at the bottom, so it really works well in the wind,” Miller said. “You can whip the hell out of them.”

Beneath his corks, the guide uses 2 feet of 15-pound fluorocarbon leader.

“It’s got monofilament going through the middle, so there’s no worrying about wire tangles,” Miller said.

Tied to the leaders are ¼-ounce GoldenEye jigheads.

“You would think the fish would be aggressive, but a lot of times they like to see that bait flutter,” Miller explained.

Miller is partial to the shrimp creole color, pointing out it’s a deadly weapon when fishing the lakes around Dularge.

“That shrimp creole under a cork is automatic,” Miller said.

Texas Swing Midcoast popping corks can be found online at Matrix Shads and GoldenEye jigheads can be found online at

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