Dress up Senkos for grass game

Senkos and other soft-plastic stick baits comprise one of the most versatile lure categories and certainly one to keep handy during April.

From weightless Texas rigs to shimmying wacky rigs, these modest baits can cover several scenarios from the front or back deck.

Simplicity is part of the appeal, but sometimes even this endearing bait can benefit from a little accessorizing.

Deridder’s Antwon Harris likes to dress up his Senkos with silver willow leaf spinner blades attached to the tail with screw-in keepers.

“I fish this slowly, popping it up and down right by the grass line,” Harris said. “This gives it a little flash and makes it look a little different.

“I’ll let it drop, and they hit it on the fall.”

Another tip: Owner makes an accessory called the Flashy Accent made up of a spinner blade affixed to a swivel.

Slip the swivel’s open end over your hook point before wacky rigging a stick bait. On each rise and fall, that blade’s kicking and flashing adds visual appeal and fish-calling vibration.

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