Inshore Fishing

Mississippi River Delta

Everything seems magnified down the river. Long boat runs are common. Frequent fogs seem thicker there than elsewhere. Navigation can be tricky because sandbars seem to shift on any whim.[…]

Inshore Fishing


This huge estuary extends from the Bayou Lafourche ridge on its eastern side to the lower Atchafalaya River on its western border. Vast tracts of freshwater marsh and swamp lie within its northern boundaries.[…]

Fishing Tournaments

Gulf Coast Kayak Tournaments 2014:

• March 29 — Boats on the Bayou, New Orleans. New this year, a special kayak division is added to the City Park Big Bass Rodeo. Kayaks will compete for trophies fishing Bayou St. John. Go to for more.[…]

Bass Fishing

We’ve come a long way

My favorite sunglasses of all time were a pair of glass-lensed Costa del Mars (that’s what the company name was back in those days). The amber lenses literally opened up a new world to me every time I hit the water.[…]


Forage plantings critical for deer

In the movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray was stuck in time on a cold winter’s day that would never end. While the cold weather this year made for a great deer season, this winter in Louisiana has been one that seemed like it too would never end.[…]