Safety first when snagging

Certain safety precautions should be taken when snagging, and one of the most important is to be aware of other fishermen.

“You have to be very careful if there are other people around slinging heavy weights and treble hooks,” Jacob Coldiron warned. “Keep some distance between you, and don’t walk close behind anyone.”

Also, take note of where other people are casting so you don’t foul their line.

“One time I was on a weir and another snagger didn’t see me,” Coldiron said. “He cast over my line in midstream and thought he had the biggest fish ever.

“He finally heard me hollering and realized what he had done.”

Carefully picking your casting spot is essential, as well.

“It’s very important to always stand on solid rock or concrete,” Rudy Horne said. “When you’re snagging and reeling, your body sways a lot, and it’s easy to lose your balance, fall and hurt yourself.

“Don’t ever stand on a loose rock.”

Finally, remember that the weight and treble hook can skip along the top of the water right back at you if it is shallow or you start snagging too quickly.

Horne said that can be dangerous, saying he had learned that the hard way when the terminal rig sailed back at him and “the (hook) barb sunk about a quarter of an inch into my calf meat.”

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