These WMAs are for the birds

When hunters choose destinations for deer, squirrels and rabbits in Louisiana, there’s no question many head to wildlife management areas because year-in, year-out rewarding hunts on those public lands are repeated across the state.[…]


Dove tails

Don’t have a private field at which to shoulder a shotgun at the dove population? No problem: Bring plenty of shotgun shells to one of the Gulf Coastal Plains North Region WMAs — specifically Elbow Slough WMA.[…]

Freshwater Fishing

Crappie scents in suspense

Even for the tournament types, crappie fishing doesn’t always need to be a high-strung tension fest. No doubt, you’d be amazed at the therapeutic benefits of dropping the anchor and deploying a few float rigs baited with something smelly.[…]

Deer Hunting

Brain abscesses in deer

There has been quite a bit of research in the Southeast on the issue of brain abscesses, and researchers are finding that more bucks die because of this natural mortality than from hunting in some areas having a good adult buck component in the population.[…]

Inshore Fishing


September is a month of transition as water temperatures begin to drop: slowly at first, due to radiative cooling, and a bit more toward the end of the month as cool fronts invade the state.[…]