Scented crappie baits – the facts

Crappie anglers have many products from which to choose. Some may be marketed more heavily to the bass world, but a shad is a shad and garlic is garlic, regardless of who’s smelling it.

The leading crappie scent products include:

• Bang Fish Attractant (

• Berkley Gulp! Alive Attractant Spray (

• Bio Edge (

• Bobby Garland’s Mo’Glo Slab Jam (

• Dr. Juice Super Tournament Juice (

• Fish Sticks KVD Lure Enhancer (

• Kick’N Crappie Oil (

• Kodiak Paste (

• Mega Strike Fish Attractant (

• Pro Cure Gel (

• Smelly Jelly (

• YUM F2 Attractant (

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