Inshore Fishing

Reds biting above windy Grand Isle

The recent trout action around Grand Isle has slowed the past couple of days, but that hasn’t kept Capt. Jim Thibodeaux of Fish Tales Guide Service (985-696-1801) from catching fish. A quick move to the inside has had him neck deep in reds.[…]


Sweat Equity

I thought I had it easy when I was growing up in the 1970s and ’80s. Boy, was I wrong. Young people today have it made compared to any of the generations that came before them.[…]


2007-08 WMA Forecast

There’s no end to the news from wildlife management areas from last hunting season and, more importantly because it’s that time of the year again, going into the 2007-08 hunting season in a true Sportsman’s Paradise.[…]


Sixteen Times Four

Having heard more than my fair share of empty boasting and even emptier promises, it was with an exhausted ear that I listened to what my buddy Dennis Tietje was trying to get me to understand over the phone.[…]


Shell Game

The last time I pulled into Capt. Anthony Randazzo’s Paradise Plus lodge in Buras was about two months before Katrina’s infamous visit. The storm’s wash-through left little more than a shell of the log-frame building.[…]


Rebounding and Recovering

Going on two years after Hurricane Katrina, fishing in the Amite and Tickfaw river basins is still in recovery mode — notwithstanding a countryside fish-restocking scheme set in motion by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries even while department personnel were heroically engaged in search-and-rescue missions in flood-stricken New Orleans.In both areas, return to pre-storm conditions has been painfully slow.[…]


Care for fuel now for a happy spring

After launching the center console for the first fishing trip of the season, one minute I was zipping toward the fishing grounds at cruising speed, and the next I was off-plane and barely able to keep the outboard at idle as it labored to turn an erratic 500 RPMs.[…]


Trip Savers

When Mike Muhlbauer’s line came tight with an abrupt strike, we were certain it was bull red time. A couple of Florida boys with a lot of ambition but just a little time, Muhlbauer and I had determined that we’d fare best at the perennial redfish magnet — Southwest Pass.[…]