What’s procedure for Edge files?

Dear Capt. Paul:

I want to purchase your Vermilion Bay waypoints, but I’m not sure what I need to get them into a Lowrance LCX-28c.

Could you explain to me what hardware/software I need and outline the procedure for installation?

Thanks, Bill Rowell

Captain Paul’s response:

Yes, the Capt. Paul’s Fishing Edge file will work in your Lowrance LCX-28c.

Here is a thumbnail sketch of the how to — and the equipment you will need.

The Edge file is a totally electronic file that is recognized by the Lowrance unit and software. The Capt. Paul’s Edge file is sent via email as an attachment designed to be loaded into Lowrance’s MapCreate mapping software, which is installed in your computer, then transferred to the SD card, which is then installed into the GPS unit.

In the event that you do not have an accessory MapCreate mapping software program in your computer, Lowrance offers a free download of their GPS Data Manager V.6 (GDM6) from their web site at www.lowrance.com/Downloads/GDM/default.asp.

The GDM6 Waypoint and route planning software allows you to download and upload information between your unit and a PC. The MapCreate mapping software uses a part of the GDM as a means of transferring data between the computer and the GPS receiver or the memory card.

These are the preferred means of doing the transfer, but you can also save the Edge file; it is a “.usr” file that is specifically designed for the Lowrance system to a file folder in your computer then copy the entire file directly to the SD card via a card-reader writer.

You will need a PC computer and at least a MMC or SD card reader/writer and a spare SC card. If you are not loading maps from the computer to the SD card for use in the LMS, then a SD card in the 128MB range will do, but SD cards in the 512MB range can be found at discount electronic stores such as Best Buy, Wal Mart, Office Depot and Circuit City for about $15, and a 1GB card can be found for about $30. This way of loading the Lowrance “.usr” file on the card is not the preferred method, but it will work.

Remember if you are loading MapCreate maps onto the card, you must use the Lowrance (LEI) card reader-writer in order for the GPS receiver to be able to read the maps. The MapCreate software allows you to use up to five such memory cards per each GPS receiver. You can use these five cards over and over again, but only these five, so get a SC memory card that has sufficient memory to accommodate some maps if so needed at a later date.

I personally use cards for my Lowrance in the 512 MB to 1 GB range.

By whatever means you choose, once the waypoint data is transferred to the SD card by using either the Lowrance MapCreate mapping or the GDM6 software, or by using the direct copy method, the card is placed in the unit.

Then, using the MENU options to access the SD card, all waypoints are “loaded” into the allotted waypoint memory in the LCX-28. Pages 126-128 in your owner’s manual describe how to transfer the data from the SD card to the internal memory and/or the hard drive of the LMS unit.

Under NO circumstances should you try to load the Edge data on an existing MMC or SD card that has pre-installed maps. Doing so may erase some of the map data on the card, and render the maps useless. Get a separate card to use for this purpose.

The Capt. Paul’s Edge file also includes an Excel spreadsheet of the waypoints and their descriptions and an Acrobat PDF file of a general map of the area where the Edge waypoints are located.

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