Vermilion Bay means seafood to Trout Masters

It didn’t take us long to learn that Vermilion Bay Trout Masters can cook as well as fish. Over a period of years, the two of us have cooked repeatedly with Steve and Pookie Smith and David “T-Coon” Billeaud, and we have enjoyed every bite. […]

Game Warden

Be smart about where you hunt

I hugged the ground a little tighter and turned my head to the side as shotgun pellets ripped through the trees overhead. Leaves cut from the branches sifted down around me while I listened to the shouts and laughter emanating from the source of the gunfire. […]

Inshore Fishing

Capt. Erik Rue’s fall redfish lures

Capt. Erik Rue’s go-to bait for most of this morning’s fishing trip was a simple jighead and MirrOlure Lil John Twitchbait, but he made a special effort to point out the effectiveness of the Jenny’s Jigs jighead. […]


The 411 on coastal WMAs

Harvest numbers are ultra-impressive from last season for one of the wildlife management areas in the Coastal and Nongame Resources Division — so high that many hunters might do a double-take and make immediate plans to hunt it in 2016-17. […]

Deer Hunting

How breeding dates are determined

Biologists determine breeding dates based on measurements of deer embryos and fetuses using a fetal scale developed through research conducted by Quality Deer Management Association founder Joe Hamilton and other deer researchers. […]

Deer Hunting

Is the rut on?

Hunters frequently tell me they do not see bucks chasing does when the rut should be in full swing. Lack of cold weather will certainly be a reason for deer activity to be poor. […]

Inshore Fishing


Water temperatures begin to drop this month — slowly at first due to radiative cooling but more so as cool fronts invade the state. […]

Bass Fishing

Pros and cons to spinners

Tony Landry explained why spinnerbaits work.

“They are profile baits that effectively mimic different things that fish eat,” Landry said. “The rubber skirts we use pulse in the water, and the blades also pulse and reflect the flash of food fish.” […]