The perfect crappie boat

Every fisherman is proud of his new fishing rig. Steve Danna is no exception, but he didn’t just pick out a boat he liked.

Instead, Danna helped design his boat.

Working with War Eagle owners Mike and John Ward, he helped develop what he said is a perfect boat for crappie fishing.

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we are both excited about it,” Danna said about the new 191/2-foot 2016 War Eagle Predator.

The boat is rigged out with Steve’s favorite equipment: Lowrance HDS-12 electronics, an Evinrude outboard and an Atlas jack plate, plus dual Power Poles.

“We set this boat up with the crappie fisherman in mind,” Danna said. “It’s a solid, stable boat to start with, and we’ve got everything placed right where it works for the crappie or bass fisherman.

“It is configured to easily handle two crappie fishermen on the front deck when spider rigging. It even comes with sturdy color-coordinated pole holders, a trolling motor and a depth finder within easy reach of the boat operator. It’s also get extra tackle storage and storage for long poles like crappie fishermen use.”

Years of tournament experience and recreational fishing helped lead to the new boat.

“It’s already becoming a popular model, and I’m just tickled to death to work with War Eagle to help develop it,” Danna said. “Needless to say, feeling comfortable in your boat is a big part of being confident in catching fish.”

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