Hideout guns

A group of firearms instructors for the sheriff’s office was standing around, waiting for a meeting to begin. One of the guys, the best pistol shooter among that relatively talented group, pulled a little North American Arms .22 Magnum revolver out of his pocket, and began showing it around. […]

Bass Fishing

Venice Bass Brigade

Jonathan Ryan is an avid speckled-trout angler.

The perfect day for him is finding some new honey hole in what’s left of the Delacroix marsh, and throwing double-rigged Hybrids to specks that are on Jenny Craig’s new plastic-only diet. […]


Riding the bull

The recoil of the 168 grain Hornady Match A-Max .30-06 rammed the rifle stock backwards, pushing it straight into my shoulder—in line with the prone position I had taken in the gravel shooting pit of the rifle range. […]