Bass Fishing

Two-way conversation

Inevitably, every bait wears out its welcome at some point. But rather than completely shifting to another scenario, chatterbait anglers can often extend their bite — and adapt to changing conditions — by pairing their bladed package with the similar, yet more-subtle swim jig. […]

Freshwater Fishing

A different world

Grabbers are handicapped in a fish’s world.

“You’re in a different world down there,” Josh Andrews said. “It’s black 10 feet down; you can’t see nothing! You have to feel for it. Everything is different — like being shut in a closet. The deepest we go is 22 feet. […]

Bass Fishing

Innovative head design

When Strike King introduced its Rage Blade last year, it redefined the vibe jig category with a weighted blade rather than a traditional lead or tungsten jig head. […]


Ode to gobbule

Since 1492, when Dame Juliana Berners introduced fly fishing to English nobility, our sport has been popular among the cultural elite. […]


On the go — Fishing tips for Calcasieu Lake trout

Sammie Faulk is a man on the go. He is chairman of the Cameron Parish Tourist Commission, a consultant for the Southwest Louisiana Convention and Visitors Bureau, and vice-chairman of the board that governs the 180-mile Creole Nature Trail, All American Road and National Scenic Byway. […]


H2O Xpress

Why not combine your love of hunting and your love of fishing by getting a rod and reel combo in Realtree Max-4 camo? The H2O XPRESS Realtree Max-4 Freshwater Spinning Combo features a durable IM6 7-foot graphite blank and a 10-inch handle with cork grips for a comfortable hold. […]


Sun Bum

Stay protected from the sun all day with mineral-based sunscreens from Sun Bum. Waterproof, sweatproof, and available in SPF 30, SPF 50 and a face stick, Sun Bum PRO Sunscreen works without bleeding into eyes, leaving hands slippery, or coming off in the water, making it the best choice for outdoormen. […]


Uncle Josh Pork baits

Anglers wanting to save time and money can do just that with the new series of pork baits from Uncle Josh. Made out of pork fat and 100 percent natural ingredients, these baits get their scents from leeches, minnows and real night crawlers, providing a lure that catches fish just like live bait but with none of the hassle and expense. […]


SPRO Baby Fat John 50

SPRO recently introduced the newest addition to the Little John family of crankbaits, the Baby Fat John 50. Built to fill a void in the Little John lineup, it is the shallowest running crankbait of the bunch. […]



The YETI Tank is a virtually indestructible ice bucket that will hold ice longer because it’s armored to stay cold. Made with YETI’s signature Permafrost Insulation, which offers best-in-class thermal resistance and eliminates exterior sweating, the 20-gallon YETI Tank can hold 96 aluminum cans, 51 blue crabs, 24 mullet and menhaden or 2 bushels of oysters. […]