NRA’s Whittington Center

The NRA Whittington Center is a 33,000 acre Mecca for shooters that was opened to the public in 1973 and just celebrated its 40th anniversary. Over that time, it has grown to be one of the premier shooting facilities in the world. […]


Innovative sentencing

Wildlife enforcement agents don’t follow every case as it works it’s way through the justice system. Penalties for minor offenses such as fishing without a license or the various boating infractions are usually handled as bond forfeiture or a fine amount listed in the statute: The offender pays the fine to the sheriff’s office in the parish where the offense occurred, and that’s the end of it.  […]


Am I falling apart?

One day back in early March, being in a bit of a rush, I leaned my back against the closet door jamb to pull on a pair of socks. Knowing better, but refusing to acknowledge the physical cautions that come with age, I pulled on my left sock in one quick motion as I stood balanced on my right foot. […]


Marine batteries 101

Learning that all batteries are not created equal can be an expensive lesson. Power your trolling motor with batteries designed to start your engine and they will last for weeks rather than years. Buy full-maintenance batteries and treat them like maintenance-free versions and you will be lucky to get a single season out of them. […]


Smithwick Elite 8 Suspending Rogue

It wasn’t too long ago that the Elite 8, the eight best college basketball teams in the country playing in the NCAA’s “Big Dance,” were thrilling fans and television audiences in a hopeful waltz to the Final Four and, ultimately, to the title game at the center of every bracket in the U.S. […]

Bass Fishing

Peg it and Flip it

Denny Brauer, possibly the most-accomplished flipper in all of bass fishing, knows that preventing his sinker from sliding up his line enhances precision by keeping that weight centered over the bait. […]

Inshore Fishing

Taxidermy tips for speckled trout

Living and working in Johnson Bayou nestled between Sabine and Calcasieu lakes, 60-year-od Hank Badon is in a unique position to practice his art of taxidermy on the many trophy speckled trout taken in the area. […]

Bass Fishing

Two-way conversation

Inevitably, every bait wears out its welcome at some point. But rather than completely shifting to another scenario, chatterbait anglers can often extend their bite — and adapt to changing conditions — by pairing their bladed package with the similar, yet more-subtle swim jig. […]

Freshwater Fishing

A different world

Grabbers are handicapped in a fish’s world.

“You’re in a different world down there,” Josh Andrews said. “It’s black 10 feet down; you can’t see nothing! You have to feel for it. Everything is different — like being shut in a closet. The deepest we go is 22 feet. […]

Bass Fishing

Innovative head design

When Strike King introduced its Rage Blade last year, it redefined the vibe jig category with a weighted blade rather than a traditional lead or tungsten jig head. […]

Freshwater Fishing

It’s a family tradition

“I call it ‘grabbing.’ I don’t know where they came up with ‘noodlin,’ ‘grampling’ and ‘grabbling,’” Josh Andrews sneered. “I’m grabbing fish. Most of the time, when they’re protecting their eggs, they grab you.” […]

Bass Fishing

Lake D’Arbonne details

If you aren’t familiar with the details of making a trip to Lake D’Arbonne, no problem. The lake is located on the west side of Farmerville and is easily accessible from Monroe on Highway 165 North from West Monroe via Highway 15 or from Ruston on Highway 33. […]

Inshore Fishing

Fishing the Leeville area

Bob Bateman said fishing the Leeville area is no big mystery.

“If you want to catch redfish, talk to the local marina operators,” Bateman said. “They will direct you to the general area that is best at the time. After that, it is trial and error. Try to find moving water and fish points, cuts into the marsh and run-outs from the marsh. […]