Tips from the Trout Masters

Louisiana speckled trout fishermen are a dedicated bunch, for the most part fishing year round. But May seems to be a special month, heralding the onset of summer and its hot speck fishing. […]


Delacroix Redfish Primer

The sign from a long-departed marina reads, “Welcome to the End of the World,” but for redfish anglers, Delacroix looks more like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. […]


Sophistication of GPS continues to grow

A 1983 tragedy generally gets the credit for GPS going public. Shortly after Korean Airlines flight 007 experienced navigational errors, strayed into restricted Russian airspace and was shot down by Russian fighters, President Reagan declassified GPS, allowing it to be used by civilians for more accurate navigation. […]


Redfish love Sebile’s Flatt Shad

A Lake Charles outdoorsman, professional redfish fisherman and television fishing show host saw first-hand recently the painstaking effort one of the world’s leading artificial lure designers puts into making an artificial lure like the Flatt Shad. […]


Breton Sound Blast

You don’t see many houseboats with hot tubs.

“Leave it to Doc Fontaine to break new ground,” Pelayo said as he, Chris and I clamped up the stairs to the houseboat deck. And it’s not like his two-story Venice houseboat wasn’t ritzy enough without it. […]


Are DC alternator chargers worth the money?

I recently received an e-mail from a reader asking if I could help identify which wire is the ignition wire for his 1999 outboard motor. He stated that he was considering hooking up an onboard DC alternator charger. The power for this unit is supposed to be supplied by the motor’s ignition wire so that the charger is turned on whenever the key is on. […]

Bass Fishing

Rage on the Red River

May’s an excellent month to fish the Red River because the bass have finished their spawn and are starting to move from the bank out to deeper water. But they’re not all the way to the deep places where they tend to hold in the summertime. […]


From the Taliban to Nutria

Remember in The Deerhunter when De Niro, after barbecuing the commie with the flamethrower then perforating him with his own AK-47, gets knocked down by a spate of explosions? Then he and his handful of dazed chums get up, look down groggily through the smoke, and see a horizon full of commies charging their way? […]


The Life of a Fawn

Spring gives way to warm days as the summer season nears. Pesky insects start to dominate the woodlots and open fields. For the young whitetails that survived the pursuit of predators, now their lives of growing into mature deer begin to unfold. […]


Downriver Garden

Spring is finally in full bloom. Winter has released its icy grip for another year, and the birds are back to singing their merry tunes. Bees are buzzing, grass is growing and the gardeners among us are glad to get their fingers down in the soil again. It’s hard not to be happy in the spring. […]