Bass Fishing

Diversionary Tactics

I climbed into Capt. Frank Lawson’s Champion bay boat fully expecting to catch redfish. The fact that he was tying on three bass lures only made me think that he would be showing me how to use bass tactics to catch redfish. […]


Bottom’s Up

Our party of 12 required two large restaurant tables to accommodate. As the waiter led us through the crowded restaurant to our tables, Eddie — as luck would have it — was the first in line, walking right behind “Sebastian, our waiter for the evening,” who had already introduced himself in a highly officious and animated manner. […]


Change of Pace

When Capt. Eric Dumas sped past the three bridges that span the eastern section of Lake Pontchartrain, I thought we might be going to fish the L&N train bridge farther to the east in the Rigolets. As he sped under it, I knew something was up. […]