Christmas in May

Our teeth should have been chattering.

We should have been bundled to our necks with long-johns, fleece pullovers, fluffy coveralls and heavy coats stuffed with the latest creation from DuPont chemists. […]


Weather or Not

With the wind blowing at 20 knots, Lake Calcasieu looked like a chocolate milkshake. Most fair-weather fishermen had cancelled their trips, but Kirk and Guy Stansel, who fish there 250 days a year, would brave rain, sleet, snow or bright, hot sun to get you in a boat and try to find you fish. […]


Music in the Woods

Somewhere deep in the Mississippi River bottomlands between Devil’s Swamp and Port Hudson, I stood in complete darkness, mesmerized by the echoes of the basso profundo bugling of Rock and the contralto bawling of Memphis, two first-class walker coon hounds. […]