Teaser-style rigs like the Booyah Boo Rig simulate the bait pods that crappie target.
Freshwater Fishing

Ups and downs

Working single jigs over brush piles boasts a long history of crappie success, but consider this: For a hungry predatory, if one bait is good, then two is great and more is — well, you get the picture. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Rig roundup

Similar to its bass-market counterparts, the multi-bait crappie rig has seen rapidly expanding creativity. Local models and homemade jobs are many, but here are a handful of commercial models: […]


The case of the slippery eel

Nothing could be worse for a freshwater natural-bait fisherman. Something obviously huge had grabbed the worm or crawfish on his hook and was fighting furiously. He could almost imagine the broad head of a big catfish emerging from the water. […]