Xpress XBay 21 and 23

Fifty years ago, Xpress Boats changed the horizon of aluminum boat building by being the first to weld an aluminum boat. Later, it pioneered construction based on using longitudinal rib construction rather than cross ribs and injecting expandable foam to create a unibody platform that exceeded Coast Guard Standards and provided enhanced performance while dramatically reducing hull noise and increasing the overall safety of their boats.  […]


Excel F4 Center Console

The F4 and F86 Center Console shallow-water boats harken back to the beginnings of the Excel Boat Co. With deep roots in duck hunting flooded Arkansas timber, Excel began with a need for tough durable boats and has grown to be a premier manufacturer of affordable models targeting the unique needs of outdoor recreational enthusiasts. […]

Freshwater Fishing

A Caney crappie primer

Caney Lake is located midway between Jonesboro and Chatham. The north end of the lake is accessible on Highway 4 between the two towns, and the spillway end of the lake is accessible on Highway 34 south of Chatham. […]