Gator Trax Strike Series

Gator Trax Boats have been the mainstay in mud boats for more than 15 years, and several years ago, it began offering boats powered by standard outboards. With the Strike Series, they have applied their knowledge of hulls and construction to produce aluminum bass boats that begin with the best ideas and improve on them.

Strike Series hulls, which range from 17 to 22 feet long, are designed to look and fish like traditional fiberglass boats and, most importantly, to perform like them — and they do.

The hulls’ exclusive pad design allows them to lift effortlessly and achieve higher top-end speeds, while the driver maintains control without a lot of overdriving. All Strike Series boats drive like a dream when paired with hydraulic steering, a jack plate, tilt and trim on the steering column and a hot-foot throttle. They don’t drive themselves, but several innovations make it easy for the driver to sit and navigate, while covering water very quickly.

Unlike fiberglass bass boats, the possibilities for customization are endless. If you want something larger, smaller or relocated, it’s a matter of including it in the plan. One favorite option is a single-wide leaning post for running from a standing position. Many fishermen like that at the speeds some of these boats reach when pushed with their maximum horsepower.

Tackle and other storage boxes, rod lockers and livewells can be added where they’re wanted. A popular option is extending the bow casting deck to add longer rod lockers and two additional tackle lockers. Putting everything on a hull that is made from .190-inch aluminum plate instead of the .100-inch aluminum used by many builders gives peace of mind when having to make a dash across rough water on a lake or river.

Gator Trax builds every boat to the same strength as their mud boats and guarantees them to hold up. The hulls are set, but it’s up to the owner to decide on his final interior and power. Because these are custom boats and the number of orders can build up at certain times of the year, customers are advised to order as far in advance as possible.


Length: 17-foot-0 to 22-foot-0

Bottom width: 72 inches

Beam: 7-foot-6 (17- to 20-foot models) or 8-foot-0 (22-foot model)

Side height: 25 inches

Hull thickness: 190 inches, 5086 aluminum

Weight: Varies with size and build

Maximum horsepower: 300

Front deck: 68 inches with access hatch

Rear Deck: 44 inches with three hatches

Livewell: 27 gallons

Fuel capacity: 40 gallons

Hull warranty: Limited lifetime

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