Toledo Bend bass-fishing tip of the day

Dusty Anders loves his Trigger Happy Comfort Grips.

“Everybody loves them,” Ander said about the soft rubber sheaths on the triggers of his rods. “When I used to spend all day casting, the rubbing of the trigger would make a tender spot on my finger. Flipping hay grass with a 1-ounce sinker or cranking all day would also make my hand sore.

“A friend of mine gave one to me at the ICAST (the largest U.S. fishing trade show) in 2015. I tried it and said, ‘This is the ticket.’ It stopped my hand from getting sore.”

Availability can an issue in some regions.

“They are hard to buy locally,” Anders said. “If you can’t find one, go online. You’ll find them there.”

Another positive for the grips, Anders noted, is that the rubber on the trigger keeps his fishing rods from sliding on his boat’s deck.

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