Duck calling 101

There is a big difference between “Contest Calling” and “Blind calling.” What sounds good to a judge in a competition will not convince many ducks to come to your pond. […]


Sneaky ducks — How to use a kayak for duck hunting

The hunt didn’t last long. Good hunts never do.

The ducks never had a chance.

Just before daylight, Lafayette dentist Tony Soileau slipped his camouflaged kayak across the pond’s open water and maneuvered it into an island of flooded buttonwood bushes surrounded by a fringe of dry, brown indigo.


Field Notes

Become a Decoy Doc

A little TLC can bring older duck decoys back to life, so when you need to greet those northern red-legged greenheads they are all ready for the show.  […]


Public prospects — Top 5 WMAs for duck hunting

Backlit faintly by the early morning glow, they came as we’d hoped. Silhouettes — large and deliberate, and small and acrobatic — bombarded our spread.

We were able to pick up our jaws from the marsh mud just in time to catch that telltale sound as a few feathered bodies splashed down amongst their plastic counterparts.



Challenges to duck hunting

One of the main reasons (besides enjoying his company) I button-holed Mike Carloss for a duck hunt was the chance to get him away from distractions to pick his mind about the future of waterfowl hunting.


News Breaker

Top 3 late-season duck hunting tactics

Although it seems like opening day just happened, the final weeks of duck season are already here. 

All of the prep work earlier in the fall — brushing the blind, putting out a perfect decoy spread, scouting birds and practicing with your gun — will culminate in the next few weeks as another season heads into the history books.