Back Off

I’m not sure what it means to hunt anymore.

I used to know, when I snuck through the hardwood ridge between my parent’s house and the Bogue Chitto River with my single-shot 20-gauge shotgun crossing my chest at the ready, listening for shaking tree branches. […]


No Lease, No Problem

As we soak our waders into yet another duck hunting season, many of us have already begun to reap the residuals from the productive ponds on our leases, while others have had ample time to allow their sore shooting shoulders to heal after experiencing the great pleasure of bagging the limits that come along with a guided trip. […]


100 Days

Meet Capt. Steve Smith.

Steve’s an odd duck.

Actually, he’s not odd. He is a pretty normal-looking 52-year-old guy, sandy haired with closely set, intelligent, bright blue eyes. […]

Inshore Fishing

Strung out on string

Steve Smith is a fanatic about the line he uses. I asked why he uses spinning reels, when so many other guides would be lost without their baitcasters. His answer was simple, but led directly to his passion about lines. […]