Members on board with management strategy

Members at the Last Chance Hunting Club are remarkably unified in their management strategy, according to club president Bimbo Brock and vice-president Ronnie Corkern.

“We have our horn minimums, but we basically just try to shoot mature deer,” Brock said.

That means club members don’t get hassled about shooting small-racked bucks that won’t ever be trophies.

“If he’s got that sway back and pot belly and horns as big as a Coke can, we want you to shoot him,” Corkern said.

But most of their mature bucks have benefitted from the club’s rich soil and management strategy.

“When you hear a gun go off, you know something’s going on the wall,” Corkern said.

Club members get two bucks per season, unless they mess up by shooting an undersized young buck.

In that case, the deer counts as their two bucks.

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