CWD in Mississippi

I had something else in mind originally for this column, but the recent happenings regarding the finding of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in a Mississippi deer is more important than anything else. […]


Know your limits

Louisiana’s limit for catfish is very liberal, 100 per person for channel, blue, and flathead catfish combined, and no limits for bullheads, locally called “pollywogs” or “mud cats.”  […]

Bass Fishing

Meal delivery schedule

The good Lord knows that postspawn bass will be hungry, so He timed nature’s progression to make sure those recuperating fish had plenty to eat. Bluegill sacrifice many of their numbers to feed the bass who were probably holding a grudge for all that nest raiding the bream attempted. […]

Bass Fishing

New gear reviews

The Power-Pole Micro anchor is specifically designed for small boats and works great on nearly any kayak. At the push of a button, your ‘yak is securely anchored in up to 8 feet of water. The bracket is permanently mounted to the kayak, but the light-weight driver unit is easily removable and transferable to other vessels. […]