Wanted: waypoints for Black Bay, EI 51

There’s no need to take a long run to catch all the speckled trout you could ever want.

Dear Capt. Paul:

Do you have a file for Black Bay and Breton Sound? If so, I would greatly appreciate a copy.Also, I noticed on the Mapsource Topo map that there is a rise in the sea floor from about 7 feet to 3 feet to 0 feet about 2.75 miles WSW of the Black Tanks at N 29 30.056, W 89 26.915.

I tried to find it out on the water but was unable to. Do you know what this was and if it still exists, or do you think time and the storms have washed it away?

Murray Fontenot


Captain Paul’s response:

By the time you read this, you should have already received your Capt. Paul’s Fishing Edge of Delacroix/Pointe a la Hache. I am working on a Capt. Paul’s Fishing Edge of Breton Sound, but it will be a few months before I can finish the program.

I call the programs, “Fishing Edge,” because I believe they will give the angler an ADVANTAGE in getting to, fishing in and around, and getting back from some of the favorite fishing areas in the state.

Capt. Paul’s Fishing Edge is a unique electronic program that can be downloaded directly into various GPS units from a manufacturer’s mapping program or via several of Maptech’s mapping software programs. This technology saves countless hours of having to manually enter each separate waypoint value into the GPS receiver.

The entire procedure of loading over 150-odd waypoints from a Capt. Paul’s Fishing Edge file takes less than three minutes from the time you view the email file to the time that they are loaded in the GPS receiver.

To accomplish this downloading, you will need four items: the GPS receiver, that unit’s mapping or data-handling program, a connecting cable that links your computer with the GPS unit and a Capt. Paul’s Fishing Edge file.

Most of the files have over 100 waypoints; the Delacroix/Pointe a la Hache has over 200 waypoints.

I hope you enjoy the program.

The position that you indicated is very near Little Battledore Island, or rather where Little Battledore Island was located.

Using NOAA Marine Chart 11364 — Miss. River Venice to New Orleans, I plotted Little Battledore Island at or about N29 30.022 x W89 26.876. The position for the island on the chart is about 319 feet to the southeast (135 degrees magnetic) from your listed position.

A few years ago, Little Battledore Island was reported to be only an underwater reef, and that it was moving. Chart 11364 indicates several reefs and shoals in that area as shifting position.

A friend of mine recently described a position where they caught some nice trout that could have been Little Battledore Island (reef). He described it as being about 5 miles northeast of California Point and about 3 miles from the platform that is south of Battledore Reef.

He said that the water over and around the underwater sand reef was only 1 to 2 feet deep, but was loaded with trout.

Unfortunately he did not have a GPS on that trip, and was unable to precisely mark the location. Citing his experiences on that trip, he purchased a GPS and is now marking all of his favorite spots.

For your information, Battledore Reef is southeast of your position. It is at or about N29 28.710 x W89 25.141.


Dear Capt. Paul:

I have a Lowrance Globalmap Sport GPS unit purchased in 1996. After years of great service, it cut off on me this weekend, and I have not been able to power up again.

I called Lowrance for a repair, but they no longer service this unit.

Is there a local electronics shop that might be able to repair this unit?

E.J. Schwartz


Capt. Paul’s response:


Sorry, E.J., I do not know of any repair shop that repairs GPS units other than the manufacture. It looks like you will have to try again with Lowrance, asking them to reconsider.

If they do not, then I guess you will have to purchase another receiver.

Usually the repair bench fee is about $50 per hour with a two-hour minumum. A new GPS unit can be had for just a little more, and will really outperform the one you have.

I hope that you had a back-up of your waypoints and routes before the unit crashed.

Let me know how you make out.


Dear Capt. Paul:

What are the GPS coordinates for Eugene Island block 51?

Bob B.



Capt. Paul’s response:

Leased Block 51 of the Eugene Island area is located south of Marsh Island in the Gulf of Mexico.

The approximate position of Block 51 is N29 15.058 x W91 42.649 on the northwest, N29 15.083 x W91 39.872 on the northeast, N29 12.708 x W91 42.663 on the southwest and N29 12.708 x W91 39.871 on the southeast.

It is roughly a 9-square-mile section of the Gulf that is designated as Eugene Island Block 51.

There are at least nine production platforms located in Leased Block 51.

Unless otherwise specified, all positions are stated as H,DDD,MM.mmm and were determined using WGS 84 datum. All headings, bearings and courses are stated in magnetic degrees.

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